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The business has become renowned in the region for offering the very best services, making theirs a prestigious service that is well known in a growing area. They are also a team that has expertise in handling agricultural vehicle repairs and repairs on RVs, which makes them stand out in this more rural area.

Purchasing the business enables you to take over the business premises, including the on-site workshop. You will also be purchasing the three-bedroom residence adjacent to the site, which is covered by a separate deed. This is a desirable residential dwelling, another factor that makes the business an ideal purchase for an individual or family looking to get established in the area.

o Key Facts

• The land area of the business premises and adjacent property is 13,438 square metres in total, or 5.4 acres.

• The business is in a prime location, situated at the front of the major highway connecting Brisbane and Sydney, enabling targeting of interstate trade.

• With a long history of establishment, the business has already developed a strong reputation for excellence.

• Year on year, the business has achieved constant growth in terms of both revenue and profits.

• The area is a beautiful place to live, situated in picturesque highland and granite country.

• The region is famous as Queensland's premier apple-growing region — just one of the accolades the locations have received for agriculture.

• The Glen Aplin and Stanthorpe area of Queensland provides local custom and business to the organisation.

• This trade is augmented by a growing flow of customers from nearby cities and towns, as well as via the strong connections with Brisbane and Sydney.

• A growing interest in domestic travel following the Covid-19 pandemic is bringing increasing numbers of visitors to the area, as well as the opportunities that such visitors bring with them.

• The area features plenty of lucrative opportunities for growth, catering to both the broader regional market and the local rural market.

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