Established Cafe Sunnybank




The business provides a wide range of hold and cold beverages, and mealsbreakfast, brunch, and lunch, with a tempting selection of desserts.

The business is in a favourable location, and ideal for a range of customers of all ages to enjoy a break from shopping. The coffee and cold drinks in particular are rated very highly with customers. The drinks menu includes Bingsoo, a Korean shaved ice dessert.

The business has enjoyed strong, loyal patronage since its establishment in 2016

The centre management promotes the businesses and special events on social media

Strong reputation and loyal patronage

Key location attracting considerable foot traffic

Strong annual profits

Busy and popular shopping centre

Caters to a range of customers pre-work breakfast and coffee, young mums with children, daily and weekend shoppers

$90,000.00 of quality P&E, F&F is included in the asking price

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